The Withings Activité ($95) tracks your daily steps, calories, sleep cycle, distance, running, and even swimming — all in a sleek package that you won’t mistake for something out of the Jetsons. It’s the only activity tracker we’ve seen that’s truly built for the long haul and looks good enough to wear instead of your go-to watch.


It works like this: beneath the Activité’s simple, modern face, a powerful fitness tracker’s at work keeping tabs on your daily activity. And when you wanna check out the data, the Activité automatically syncs to your iPhone or Android, where Withings’ app gives you a full analysis of your goals, activity, and personal bests. Additionally, a subdial on the watch’s face goes from 0-to-100 throughout the day, so you can quickly keep track of your activity in real time.

Why we love the Withings Activité:


  • Now: $95. Was $130.
  • Activity tracking includes calories, steps, sleep, distance, running, and even swimming
  • The sleek, modern watchface designs stands out compared to other fitness trackers
  • Automatic sync makes it easy to follow your fitness data on your smartphone
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters — no worries swimming with it on

So get this fitness tracker for over 25% off before our sale ends — it’s the first one we’ve seen that looks so good we actually wanna wear it every day.

Save Over 25% on This Amazing Fitness-Tracking Watch ($95)

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