Kiss that foggy mask and salty rubber mouthpiece goodbye. The H2O Ninja Mask ($140) is your ticket to the best snorkeling experience on the planet.


Its revolutionary design offers a full-face seal so you can breathe normally through your mouth — and nose. Goodbye fog. Hello wild blue yonder.

Diving down? Great! The one-way ball valve prevents water from flooding your airway for depths up to 10 feet. Plus, when you come up there’s no water in your airline, making for seamless resurfacing.


Here are all the other reasons we love the H2O Ninja Mask:

  • Now: $140. Was: $165.
  • No mouthpiece
  • Full-face seal (breathe through nose & mouth)
  • Ultra-wide lens for superior view
  • GoPro camera-mount on bridge

These features, plus a two-part design (detachable snorkel for easy transport) and three unique colorways to choose from, make the H2O Ninja Mask one smart summer pickup. Grab yours today and save 15%.

Your Ticket To The Best Snorkeling Experience On The Planet (15% Off)

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