Let’s face it: traditional bi-fold wallets are antiquated. In today’s smartphone and credit card savvy world, there’s really no excuse to be pulling a George Costanza anymore. Ridge Wallet’s Aluminum Money Clip ($72) holds everything you need in the 21st Century — with added security and way less bulk.

Here are the brass tacks on this modern money carrier:

  • Expandable track holds 1-12 cards
  • Titanium aircraft-grade money clip for cash
  • Blocks RFID-skimming devices (wireless credit card and identity theft)
  • Integrated expandable track with replaceable elastic (for more room)

With its slim profile and featherlight 2 oz. design, the Aluminum Money Clip is a smart, simple, and secure investment.

Simplify Your Everyday Carry With This Aluminum Wallet ($72)

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